This female child

    A prose poetry by Ruth.

     I knew I would never miss you when I heard of the plane crash on the news. I knew you had a swift death and that things would be different now.

     I remember your hands stamping on my cheek, your feets ramming my bowels as though Beckham could take a million shots in a minute; oh and those words, who could forget them “useless woman”.

    The matrimony which had brought two tribes together with an understanding that everyone was as the other had been the talk of my peers who knew nothing of what I had undergone for the sake of us. 

     Asked to be seed-ful before my walk, I spoke to my mother who had always been my heart warmer; even though suddenly she also became the house crier in my ears for me to get knotted even if it were with one with no prospects, a story which seemed too familiar as so she did with my father who was worthy to her for his bed warming skills. Something she said was most important in marriage. 

     She had said be seed-ful if it takes you down that aisle, for I know your loins are fruitful and if it be their very request, see it be done. If only I knew no man was the same; for your long feet meant nothing as my peers described the feet as the measurement I needed to know your capabilities, for you lacked behind in your bed warming skills, even your foreplay; seemed like a talking drum ‘Habiba’ you would say, ‘come enjoy me a little’. Most of which I didn’t enjoy.

     A marriage, I didn’t think would let me cry as a baby, one I plunged into after Mufu rejected me altogether after his return from the west when he said “women abound for him to test his manliness”. A bitter tale I waved aside when you came running seeking for my hand, even though our tribes screamed apart.

     A hand I happily accepted and brought forth a seed, which your mother said should never have been for I denied her son of other achievements, to which you both used me as a goal post for cursing words and pounding mortars which took away two children away after the death of my mother.

About Ruth:

Ruth is a poet; a blogger on http://www.anastasiaruth.wordpress.com She was a member of Babacock University Literary Art Society (BULAS) and has co-written with poets and short story writers from various African countries. Some of her works have been published on the radioactive anthologies.  

Congratulations to Ruth for being the first featured poet on Sisyphean minds.

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