Short stories


     He had sat on the bed many times. The room had no chairs. It was not a stranger’s bed, but it was the first time Ojo was waking up in it. He lay on his right side, staring at the penetrating rays of the sun through the curtains. The only thing that reminded him of the heat outside. His eyes wandered to the wall clock, 9:45 it said. Saturday, thank God it was the weekend. The events from last night were vivid. The miracles, however, that led to the incredible morning were vague. From his side of the bed, he was satisfied.

     “Oh I finally spoke my mind. I really did it” he thought to himself with a sense of incredulity.

     He thought of the bigger miracle, her smile, her kiss, her approval. This must be how getting love in return felt like. A pleasurable feeling that gave zest for living. Sometimes, all he needed was a leap of faith to be in paradise.

     Ojo slowly turned and lay on his back. The sheets smelled good covering his nose. Temperature was set at 18 degrees Celsius on the AC. It was twice that outside. Thank God for air conditioners. She hated the heat.

     He turned to the most beautiful face he’d ever seen in bed, on his side. Her thick eyelashes were gates to her big diamond eyes. Her thick curvy features outlined on the sheets. Pae was 25 but had the skin of a baby, soft, unaffected by the Sub-Saharan sun. He loved feeling her texture. He watched her sleep, treasuring every second.

     Pae opened her eyes and smiled. Her thin lips parted to take in air.

     “You have a beautiful yawn”

     “You’re crazy” she replied. 

     He smiled, rubbing her chin with the back of his hand. She rubbed his hairless head. She reached out and kissed him on the lips. It was always her that he wanted on his side. At 28, it was the best morning of his life.

     Her phone beeped.

     “Shit. You have to leave now. Aisha is coming” she said.


     “Because…” She took her eyes off his and continued. “Because I think we should keep this between us till we know what this is”.

     “Know what this is? I know what I know. I know I love you, I always love you”.

     “I just knew that you love me last night” she said.

     “Don’t give me that” he said shaking his head “You always knew”.

      “Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t; but I never knew it was this kind of love” she said, defensively.

     “What kind of love?” He asked sitting up, exposing his six packs.

     “You know what I mean…” she started, forcing herself to look him in the eyes, “I never knew you wanted us to be like a couple or something”

     “What kind of love do you think I have for you?” He struggled to ask.

     “I don’t know” she said after a long pause “like a friend… Or a brother. Like I said I don’t know”

     Ojo felt his heart skipped a little. What he thought he recently had was slipping away, faster than it came. He got out of bed and started getting dressed.

     “Please say something, O” she said sitting up, topless.

     “What do you what me to say, Pae” he whispered, without looking at her. What was he suppose to say? He thought bitterly. How could he look at his treasured? When his grip on her was not as strong as he thought. Her words brought him back to earth.

      He opened the door and was greeted by the heat, welcoming him back to reality.



47 thoughts on “Woke

      1. Haha… But should it always be a bad thing? When the ‘something’ happens and it doesn’t work, the friendship might be ruined forever. But as for brother and sister, you know you’ll always have each other or?

      2. He gets to force himself to support the girl, emotionally and physically without the benefits of intimacy. Oh, and he has to bare with her having others guy, intimately. The list goes on.

      3. Because we have sisters, cousins, friend’s sister etc, to be friends with. There’s bound to be sexual tension with people you can be attracted to. It may not be biology, but it’s a guy thing.

      4. Haha… If you are being a friend because you want sex as part of the package, then why not just marry her and get everything? I believe legitimate sex is exclusive to married couples

    1. That is being thrown right into the family zone… You can tell me about your boyfriends and hurts while hurting me coz you know how much I love you. Not cool. Worse still all your friends know you turned me down and made me a brother…

  1. Yay! Welcome back. Been a while I read anything from you. And yes, I agree with Josephine on ‘legallized sex’ , and being a brother is not the end of the world biko. It could be the start of something beautiful

  2. Aaaawww! Don’t know what words to pacify the young satisfied bobo suddenly cruelly flung into the bro zone after a night of oohs & aahs, chai! Poor guy, guess he never knew he would one day find himself in this side of the equation. Pae gave him a rude surprise. Hehee, Sysphean your stories are captivating o. Keep em coming.

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