Short stories · The unforgiven

The unforgiven: Epilogue  

The dejected Aba stood uneasily in their bedroom contemplating about his life. He almost drank the content of the bottle but he wasn’t brave enough or maybe he wasn’t coward enough, he really couldn’t tell. Then he started making calls, first to Ebo and other family members. 
The cause of his wife’s death was not kept a secret, her family made sure of it. The event became the major story in the local news and his already messy life became a living hell after that. He became depressed, lost his job and resorted to illicit drugs. He contemplated suicide again, a couple of times. 

Aba has begun his recovery program in another state. He hoped to one day get his life back on track. He also intends to find Ebo and seek for her forgiveness. He blames himself for everything that has happened and somehow he still cared dearly about her.


Ebo’s life was already a living hell even before the story broke in the local news. She sold her mother’s house a few weeks after the incident and left town for good. She ignored all those who tried to contact her. No one knew where she moved to for about fourteen months. She didn’t go back to school for a session, she couldn’t bring herself to do anything except stay indoors, depressed for a year. Fortunately, her friend filed a deferment of session on her behalf at school. 

Ebo is currently trying to get back to school, graduate and hopefully give her life a meaning again.

It is hoped that the characters’ vulnerability, imperfections, or shortcomings, will be empathized and that the reader could learn from them. The story also aimed to shine the light on the importance of sex education, rape, and post traumatic stresses and depression. 

 Millions of those affected by different types of mental illnesses, struggle to keep their lives relatively together, with every single piece of strength they have. The tragedy is we don’t see it most of the time, not even of those close to us.

This is the end for now, but who knows, I might get back to the story again someday. Thank you for being a part of the journey. I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.  


8 thoughts on “The unforgiven: Epilogue  

  1. Good story but I feel the ride could have been longer. It’s like we were just shown snippets from episode 6…or maybe it’s me yearning for more but good job 👍

  2. So i purged, that’s because you are good at this. Nice bringing out how people sometimes fail to cope with trauma etc. Mental health is something we need to take seriously in Africa.

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