Short stories · The unforgiven

The unforgiven: Episode #8

Episode title The discovery 

Narrator: Reishi (wife)

I felt lucky to have Aba in my life. Courtships are overrated, especially when they are long. Courtships are not get-to-know-you periods. That’s in the first few months. They’re periods of waiting for our partners to make mistakes. Mistakes we hoped they never make. Sure we tell ourselves, we’re waiting to see if we can live with their mistakes, flaws, imperfections and whatever. 

But we all know people change, and no matter how long we stay with them, they can and will sometimes surprise us. So I say when it feels right, you ahead and make it official. Marriage is not a death sentence.

Aba and I started kissing again. We worked hard to overcome my intimacy problem. Very soon it’ll all be over. I’m glad my daughter liked him and never regretted marrying him.


“Wham!” Ebo exclaimed. She caught us kissing at the dining table, on her way out.

“Nice timing” my husband said to her, grinning. My daughter smiled back.

“Have a nice day, mom” she said, heading for the door

“What was that about?” I asked him, amazed.

“It’s from a movie we watched together during the strike, Deadpool” he replied. “Really funny movie—you should see it”.

There was something about my daughter’s behavior that aroused my curiosity. Something that said they had a shared secret, more than just a movie. I didn’t know what that might be. She glowed when talking to my husband. She put her head down when she smiled at him with a certain affectionate shy I couldn’t explain. Maybe these are nothing and I didn’t understand them either. But my instincts are mostly right and I intended to satisfy my curiosity.

My daughter and I told each other everything. If there is anything she was not telling me, then I believed she was not telling anyone. We have not talked much recently. I thought hard about it and it hit me. If she was not talking to me or anyone then there was only one place else to go to, her diary. The one Aba gave her. She had been writing a lot into it recently. I must read it.


On Saturday, I went to her room when she and my husband were out in the morning. I searched neatly and found the diary in her big bag, deep down under her clothes.

 13th, November 2015

Dear dairy,

… Gosh, If only Aba was not dating mom yet…

25th, march 2016

Dear diary,

…before I thought I liked Aba but now I know I like him… I know I shouldn’t be saying this but he’s so smart and handsome.

I love hanging out with him alone… I’m really looking forward to it every afternoon.

28th, march 2016

Dear dairy,

I have done a terrible thing, a very terrible mistake. I slept with my step father Aba. I didn’t know what came over me… I…

31th, march 2016

Dear diary,

It’s been more than three days since I slept with Aba. My burning desire to feel him inside me again is overcoming the guilt… my God; I am very horrible person…

5nd, April 2016

Dear diary,

We did it again, me and Aba. I was about to take a bath when…

… It was all what I was craving for, maybe even more. He wanted it just as much as I did. It was better than the first, who would have thought that was possible….
Oh my God, Aba… Ebo… what have you done?

The events of the prologue happened one month after the discovery. Up next is the Epilogue. 

14 thoughts on “The unforgiven: Episode #8

  1. Noooooo… There should be another chapter before the epilogue. Like how did Reshi look at them after she read the diary. How did she survive one month. Omg. I’m so sad. This part hurt me too. I was shocked. Ahh children mwandi.
    But I loved it. Ooohh so epilogue, will it from Reshi or Aba or Ebo. See so many chapters you can add in. Pleaseeeeee

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