Short stories · The unforgiven

The unforgiven: Episode #6

Episode title: Married

Narrator: Aba (husband) 

We had a simple, small wedding. After you have a twenty one years old daughter, that’s what you’ll want. I’m forty years old; I believe my big wedding chances are over too. Well except you’re a celebrity or a politician. I wonder how even they do it—throwing big weddings every decade of their live since their 20s. Our wedding was perfect surrounded by close friends and family. It was one of the best days of my life. The after party was wilder and went on longer than we expected. When we got to bed, we were too tired to do anything. I slept in my clothes, closed my eyes also immediately I jumped on the bed.

In the morning, standing at the bathroom door, I admired my wife. My wife, love the sound of that. The silky pajamas left little to imagination. She had the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen. All her curves were in the right proportion to my liking. I got to the bed and woke her with a peck.

“Good morning wife”

“Hmmm, good morning husband” she said. “I love the sound of that”.

“My thoughts exactly” I said, kissing her on the lips.

The kissing got intense. I began to work with my hands, exploring her body. She had a great skin. I tried to work my way down but she stopped me. “Not so fast. Take your time” she said. And so I did.

At the dining table drinking tea, all I could think about was how great her body was. And who knew missionary position could feel that good. Missionary is the only position she was comfortable with. Imagine when we work pass her trauma and insecurities. Thinking of other positions…. Oh my, it will be heavenly doing them with a woman like my wife.

After a week of constantly doing it every day, in the same missionary position, I decided to spiced things up a little bit. After a satisfying night, my wife slept naked under the covers peacefully. Early in the morning I cuddled her tightly, rubbing my hard on against her buttocks.

 “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Feeling you, wife” I said, into her hear. I slid into the covers so there was nothing between us.


“Oh common on, you’ll like it. I’m really turned on already” I said caressing her body.

“Please” she whispered.

She was lying on her right side. I raised her left leg and worked my way into her from behind. I took my time and gave it to her slowly just the way she liked it. When I climaxed, I heard her sobering. I was confused and speechless for a while.

“What is the matter, wife” I asked, innocently. 

“I told you to stop… You hurt me” she said, still backing me.

“I didn’t mean to my dear, I thought I was gentle enough”

“You don’t understand” she said, turning to face me. “You hurt me emotionally; it felt like I was forced to do what I did not want to do”.

“I’m sorry” I said, still confused.

I didn’t get it, I thought she trusted me. What did I do wrong? How long was this going to last? How can I fix it? These questions occupied my mind all day.

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