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The unforgiven: Episode #5

Episode title: The second cat out of the bag.

Narrator: Reishi (wife)

It has been two months and eighteen days since my first date with Aba. He proposed yesterday and I said yes. Yes, I know– I know it too early. We’re moving too fast. We need to take things slow. But, you know what they say: when it’s right, it is right.

 Aba and I felt right, like what was between us is bigger than us. He told me he’s forty, never married and don’t want to wait any longer. He’d searched all his life for the flawless woman. Now he knew there’s no such thing. Everyone got their flaws. He said he didn’t care about my past and I was perfect for him. Ebo is twenty one now; even I couldn’t see the problem. I just need to tell him one last detail about my pass.

“What a great meal” he exclaimed.

“Thank you”

“No I really mean it. I don’t know why we waste our time eating out, you’re better than those chefs” he continued excitedly.

“Glutton, you’re forty, maybe it’s time we put you on a diet” I said jokingly.

 “Common on, I have a great body. You know I do”

“You sure do” I said, nodding in agreement. “Speaking of bodies, there is something I need to tell you. Something we haven’t really talked about.”

“Ok” he said, giving me his full attention.

We haven’t had sex and haven’t talked about it. I have turned him down quite a few times. He didn’t bring it up because he believed I have my reasons and I’ll talk about it when I’m ready. I was ready to talk about it, but was he ready to hear it?

“I know you like it given to you straight, so here it is” I begun. “We haven’t had sex because of my past experience. I was… raped before… the trauma… so it’s difficult to…” I found myself stammering. God, I thought I was ready for this.

“Oh dear” he sympathetically reached for my hands. “How did it happen” he asked, rubbing my hands.

“It was in boarding school, I was seventeen at that time” I begun.

After I gave birth to Ebo, I dropped out of school for a year and some months. I was expelled when they found out I was pregnant. My parents got me into a boarding school where no one knew me. A fresh chapter for me we thought. But we thought wrong, because my geography teacher soon found out I had a baby. Till this day I don’t know how he did. He always looked at me in some weird way. One day he told me to meet him in his office after class.

His office was in the isolated geography lab. I noticed his table was cleared when I entered. His table was always full of students’ assignments and maps. He got up from his chair behind the table, went and locked the door then turned to me. I was at the center of the office. He said he knew I have a baby. I was so shocked I became numb.

“If you like yourself, you’ll not make a sound or I will tell the school about it and I’ll make your life a living hell” he said pushing me towards the table.

“Sir what are you doing? Please sir, don’t hurt me” I said, already sobering.

He pushed me till my thighs were against the table. He aggressively turned me around and hit my back till my upper body was lying on the table. He pulled my pants down to the knees, pushed my pinafore up and forced his way into me within a heartbeat. I let out a sound and he hit me in the face. He covered my mouth with one of his hands and pressed my face against the table, sticking with tears. He stroked hard and vicious, every piece of me was soar. When he finished off, I collapsed to the floor. 

 “And if you like say a word anyone. I will tell them you wanted me; I refused, so you’re trying to blackmail me” The piece of shit of a teacher said. “They’ll all believe me when I tell them you have a baby already at your age.”

“We went on vacation three weeks after that, I told my mom and I was sent to another boarding school the next session” I continued, bitterly. “We figured it was better for me to let it go quietly”

“Oh my God… oh my dear, that was terrible” he said, pissed and sympathetic at the same time.

“The thing with rape is that your body will heal, the scars may disappear; but not how it felt” I said, looking down at the floor. “That feeling never goes away. The feeling of helplessness… of feeling cheated. The craving for justice or revenge…”

“It’s in the past. We can and we’ll work pass it” he said, raising my head. He held me by the neck and wept my tears. 

4 thoughts on “The unforgiven: Episode #5

  1. I knew it was this. Sad. So sad. But still beautiful. Why aren’t the parts longer. It was too short. I want more. Maybe post every hour to make up for the suspense. Awesome work.

    1. I intended to have less than 1 thousand words per episode to intensify the suspense. To make the episodes a comprehensive fractions of the whole story. Nice to see It’s working. 😉
      Thanks for the love.

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