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The unforgiven: Episode #4

Episode title: Daughter, meet Aba

Narrator: Ebo (daughter)

I was surprised when my mom told me I was going to meet the new man in her life. They’ve only meet a few weeks ago. He must be something, I thought. It is really exciting; she had not been in a relationship for a long time now. Six years, God, how did she survive that long? My mom is a strong woman that’s for sure. And if she agreed that she and Aba are moving too fast but she’s fine with it, she must have really trusted him. I always spent my birthdays with her. It’s kind of our tradition. 

Since I went to the university, I visited her on the weekend after my birthday. Usually, she would organize a small get-to-together at home inviting only a few close friends. Thank God that was in the afternoons. Who needs those boring events on their birthdays? At night were when I get to turn up and when my real birthday party starts. 

The only good thing about our tradition was the mornings. We got to seriously talk about what’s going on in our lives. Just me and her rubbing minds before the guests started coming.

This morning was no different from others. We talked about my school, a little about my short lived relationships and then about Aba. She seemed to like him very much just as I suspected.

“I really like that he’s open minded. He doesn’t judge people like most men do. He’s willing to accept me and my past.” She said.

“Sounds like a great man” I said, excitedly.

“He is”

“Now I really wanna meet him” I said, standing up from the dining table.

“You’re going to like him” she replied, smiling.

“I better start getting ready for the day” I said, heading to my bedroom. “Today is my day.”

My mom and I were more like sisters. We talked like friends and always told each other everything. I was going to tell her exactly what I thought about Aba after I met him.

Our guests started coming around 1pm. By 2pm, most of them have arrived, presenting gifts. Most of them were interesting stuffs. Aba came a few minutes pass 2pm. Mom greeted him by the door, talked for few seconds then headed towards me. He was barely taller than my mom. He had the structure of an athlete. He impressively, didn’t seem like he was trying to impress anyone. He exuded confidence.

“I’ll like you to meet my daughter Ebo” mom said, expressively. “Ebo meet Aba, the man I was telling you about.”

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I’ve heard so much about you.” He said, extending his hand.

“So did I, it’s nice to meet you” I replied, shaking him. Hmmm, strong grip, I said to myself.

“I couldn’t decide what to get you, one is old school and the other is new school. So I decided to give you both.” He said, handing me a well wrapped gift “I’m not good with gifts”.

“Oh, I didn’t have to….” I said, opening it. “Oh my God, the latest Iphone 6s plus… and a diary. This is too much.”

“Wow” mom said.

“Common on it’s nothing, 21 is a big step. I didn’t know what you liked, so I just got something generic” he said.

“I love these. Thank you” I was grinning from ear to ear. He must have ordered the phone online, it not yet available in Nigeria. And the diary, all red and beautiful, I can’t wait to start pouring my feelings into it.

My day was great. Partied with my friends till 4am, came home and slept like a baby. The guy I was seeing, though not seriously, gave me some nice earrings. Sorry baby, but your gift was the best, not this time. Mom was right, after conversing with him briefly; I believed Aba was a great man.

I woke up feeling fulfilled the next morning. After breakfast and small talk with mom, I went back to my room and picked up the diary. Twenty one—I felt matured already. Recording events and feelings on my diary from then felt right.

Dear dairy,

I am twenty one and now I have a better understanding of my worth. I think I’m done dating my peers. They’re like children and believe the world revolves around them. I like matured men. They have their shit together, seen it all and most importantly, they know a woman’s worth. Matured men like Aba are the best. God, if only he’s not dating mom yet…  


4 thoughts on “The unforgiven: Episode #4

  1. Silly child lol. I notice your mind is like mine, thinking faster than your fingers can type so you tend to drop words that then confuse a sentence. I do that a lot too!

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