Short stories · The unforgiven

The unforgiven: Episode #3

Episode title: The first cat out of the bag.

Narrator: Reishi (wife)

I was impressed with his manners and the place he chose to take me. The place was called Ring, a fancy restaurant in the city, known for its classiness and great food. Simple interior designs, square tables well spaced apart; and classical music in the background. I thought I recognized the piece playing. I liked how he dressed, not overdressed hoping to impress like most men do in this town. He wore a plain white shirt, jacket and blue jeans. We sat at the table close to the large windows facing the street. Men, always like to show off, I thought.

The conversation was all casual. We talked about our day and a few comments about the meals. The night was going well but I was nervous. I needed to get some things off my chest.

“So next month is my daughter’s birthday” I begun “she’ll be coming to town”.

“Oh, I didn’t know you have a daughter” he begun “I guess we’re still getting to know each other. How old is she?”

He didn’t seem to mine me having a child. I felt more confident about talking to him.

 “She’ll be twenty one next month” I said, looking him in the eyes and expecting it.

 Everyone I told about my daughter’s age was surprised and they would not be able to hide it. Aba was not an exception.

I smiled and told him I had her when I was fifteen before he asked.

“It must have been tough. How did it happen” he asked.

“It was with a boy I thought I was in love with, like I knew what the word meant at fourteen” I begun. “My mom couldn’t accept the fact that her little girl was becoming a woman. So there were a lot of things I wasn’t told and my friends too were just as curious and ignorant like me”. 

The boy, Toa, was cashier at his uncle’s grocery store in our neighborhood. He was seventeen. We began talking a little and I frequented the store. One thing leads to another and I was alone with him in his uncle’s Mazda supply van. 

He kissed me and it got my heart beating faster. He knew how to use his hands, touching the right places in my body. Suddenly my body was responding in ways I never experienced before. My breasts became firmer and my pointy nipples erected as he worked his hands around them. After a few minutes, he was inside me at the back of the van, and then it was over before you could say anything.

“I’m not gonna lie, after that we did it again a few more times. Like I said I thought I was in love” I said. 

It was Aba’s readable eyes, clear of any judgment that was making all honest like this; like it was some confession.

“To cut the story short, my mom discovered I was pregnant after four month. Toa was beaten up pretty good by his uncle and shipped back to his father some four hundred and thirty kilometers away. My dad wanted an abortion, but the doctors said it could be complicated after the first three months. My mom and I wanted it… so I kept it” I concluded in a broken voice.

“My God, that must have been tough. How…” 

I interrupted him before completing his sentence by suddenly snapping my fingers.

“Beethoven, the piece playing– It is Beethoven, I knew I’ve heard it before” I said, pointing to the ceiling. Thank you Prince, I said to myself, thank you for the rescue.

“My colleague Prince is into classical music, picked up a few compositions” I continued. “He has this challenging music taste. Classical music instead of normal soul or blues; complex hip hop instead of just what’s on the radio”

“Enough about your past, tell me what kind of music you like” he said cheerily– sensing I wanted to change the topic.

“RnB, blues, pop… I like Adele, Rihanna, John legend… I’m not that into music” I shrugged.

“Thank God, it wouldn’t have worked between us when we’re living together and you have the same taste as Prince’s” he said gaily. 

When we’re living together he said. Oh my, this is a man that knows what he wants and accepts the baggage that comes with it. My kind of man, if only I’ve told him all about my past.  



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