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The unforgiven: Episode #1

Hi, so i decided to make the unforgiven series a bit different from other series by making every episode a character’s first person narrative. I hope you will enjoy the story. If you haven’t read The unforgiven: prologue you can read it here it’s highly recommended.

I know you have been waiting for the series. The delay was due to some unforseeable factors. i will be posting one episode every day to speed things up. Enjoy. 


Episode title: The polo game

Narrator: Aba (husband)

I still remember the first time I saw her. We met at a polo match. The polo club was recently built in our town. It was a sight attraction. I, like many others, went to the matches for the show offs; I knew nothing about the sport. Most of us went there to see the flashy cars of visitors from Abuja, Argentinean horses, fashion; and for the gossips. The polo was always an eventful outing.

I saw her with some friends, three of them. She was among the few wearing Ankara, well tailored into a gown. It was perfect for her figure. Other ladies were mostly in jeans, skirts, casual trousers with polo shirts. Her friend was more fashionable. She, her friend, wore more make-up and dressed elegantly in a white, silky evening gown as if she had other events to attend after the game. The two men with them were all over her. 

The one that got my attention, Reishi, seemed to be enjoying the game. After a few minutes, she had moved closer to the grass, away from them, for a better view of the game.

“you seem to be really enjoying the game” I said, standing beside her. Immediately, I thought: what a terrible first statement.

“Isn’t that why we’re here?” she replied, a little irritated.

“Not me, I have no idea what is going on out there” I said honestly; the statement relaxed her. 

She must have thought I was a smart ass who thought she doesn’t know the sport well enough to enjoy it. Now she saw that I’m just a clueless man who was amazed by her. She looked at me and smiled. Standing close to her, I figured she would be in her mid-thirties. 

“How is the game played?” I asked.

“It’s simple” she said. Then she went on to lecture me about the rudiments of polo. I was lost within seconds but I kept nodding my head anyway. The only thing I remember was that Chukkas are intervals like rounds.

“How come you know a lot about polo?” I asked.

“We grew up near a polo club” she replied, proudly. They loved everything about their old neighborhood, she and her brother. Growing up there was one of the best periods of her life.

“You see that guy behind the pole, holding the white flag? My brother use to be that” she said. They were always in the ranch back then. Members of the club liked her brother; he was a lovable kid, passionate. They taught him how to officiate. He was consistent in his training and she followed him most of the time. 

I am always fascinated by intelligent women. One can flawlessly talk about a lot of things with them—it doesn’t have to be jokes, fashion or gossip. She got more attractive as we conversed.

“I should meet you here more often” I said “I’ll definitely learn a lot about the sport”.

“You should” 

“I will need your contact… you know, just to check with you before coming.” I explained “if not, I’ll be a clueless man again staring at people chasing a ball on horses. It’s not a good situation to be in. you should have seen me before I started talking to you. I was like a lost kid”. Somehow, I felt confident about my chances of seeing her again as the conversation progressed. 

“That’s definitely not be a good situation to be in” she said, grinning. “You know what? Look for me the next time there’s a game here. Then I’ll know you’re serious about learning and we’ll talk about it”.

“Then tell me your name at least” I said, forcing a smile to hide my disappointment.


“Lovely name”

“Aba!” my friend called from behind, coming toward us. 

I turned, looked at him, and back to her and said “yeah, Aba, that’s my name”

“I better catch up with him. It was nice to meet you… I’ll definitely look for you.” I continued, walking backwards away from her.


I turned towards my friend smiling, meeting him before he got to us.

“You didn’t introduce me to your new friend” he said.

“Nope. Not until I fully hold my grounds there. I don’t trust you.” 

“Already showing care.” he said, chuckling “this is going to be interesting”.


I was excited, more than the winning team that day, whoever they were. Excited I got to meet Reishi and more importantly, I thought she liked me. This feeling is a steroid to a man’s ego, especially when he considered her to be smart and beautiful. I don’t know why she was blocking me though, but I was not about to give up easily. 

She must be thinking I’ll probably forget about her before the next game. She has no idea how eager I was to see her again.


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