Book Review

Fools die


Title: Fools die
Author: Mario Puzo
Genre: Crime novel
Year: 1978


I wish I could tell you the book is about fools dying. I wish I could tell you it’s about more than just fools dying. I wish there was a main conflict in it that the hero, who fancied himself a magician, would overcome like in any other work of fiction.

“I want to tell you a story, I have no other vanity” the narrator said. And that was exactly what he did.

This book is simply one of my favorites. That is why I don’t intend to give any insights, so you have your perspective untainted. I want you to really experience it the first time.

Mario Puzo himself said: “fools die is my personal favorite. I thought I tried some new things in fiction and I was very happy when it was a success.”

The book tells the story of John Merlyn, among other characters, like an autobiography with switches between first and third person narratives. You might not like the profanity and maybe the casino games but…. “I am a tricky storyteller, not just one of your vulnerable sensitive artists. I’ve taken my precautions. I’ve still got a few surprises left”. Fools die is a book only Mr Puzo could have written.

What is it about? The first sentence of the book tells you.

“Listen to me, I will tell you the truth about a man’s life”

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