Fire making

Fire making is not easy. This is not about the fire place in your sitting room. The conditions there have been greatly improved. Setting pieces of woods in the gaps between three identical stones requires patience. Stones placed to form a circle. Small pieces of wood and leaves or grass, placed at the center; on top of the bigger pieces. A simple process of burning smaller pieces of wood long enough to set the bigger ones alight, to generate a sustainable burning for domestic use.

This simple process is not easy in its execution. When there is too much wind, the fire has to be shield. When there’s little wind, air is blown into it. The woods have to be selected carefully lest the ones that burn with too much smoke are picked. When this happens, staying near the fire is difficult. The woods, leaves and grasses have to be completely dry. The process requires monitoring and pushing woods that are consumed to the outside back into the circle, or the fire dies out.

People create this process three times a day somewhere on this planet. Thinking about the environment is a privilege they can’t afford; their survival depends on it. To them, this act is not regarded as a stressful one. They survive through this process by embracing it. They came in terms with these conditions to live long enough to create or get a better alternative.

This is how to improve– by coming in terms with where you are, who you are and what you can do. It is the ultimate first step. Embrace what needs to be done. You will accomplish a lot and come out of it in one piece. Every successful life has it required ‘fire making’ process. To achieve such a life is to embrace its hustle. Be like those who make fire for a living, don’t worry about what you can’t control. It’s a mental exercise you can’t afford. Worry about what you can do; do what you can to improve.

This is the state of mind of the strongest among us; the toughest, the powerful and the most successful. This is their mindset when they discovered the breakthrough in their expedition. Come in terms with where you are or who you are and your perspective will be bigger. Your horizon will be wider. In the present conditions, you will find opportunities that might have eluded you all along. Ways to being more efficient are easily discovered when one is in harmony with where s/he is. Efficiency begets improvement. The need for efficiency leads to the creation of great things. You only need to look back at history to see the proofs. The chance of attaining another stair of efficiency should be taken. Try to make your ‘fire making’ process more efficient. This leads the way out of it.

The trick is not in accepting where you are or who you are as it is, but in accepting they’re all you have to forge your way to some place better.


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