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Real life’s gift


The room is a bit dark. It is mostly illuminated by lights from the TV, and part of the window not shaded. A girl is lying on the bed, busy with her phone. She is bored. She looks up at the TV screen, still not impressed. She gets out of bed, dresses up casually and heads out.

The room is well lighted. A guy is working on his computer; he looks at the papers scattered on the table from time to time. He’s consumed with work. He rubs his eyes with the palm of his hands in frustration. He gets up reluctantly and walks out of the room.


The day is bright and beautiful outdoors. The guy is sitting on a park bench. He’s deeply in his thoughts, unaware of the people passing by in front of him. Everyone went on without paying much attention, except for one.

“What are you thinking about?” he raised his head toward the figure speaking to him. ‘She’s beautiful’ was his first impression.

“I’m thinking about this idea in my head; how to best get it out.” he finally said about long stare.

“If it’s there in your head, how hard can it be to let it out?”

“It has to be understood before it is accepted. Our minds especially mine, see things from a different angle”

“Is that so? How come we still understand each other” she said smiling.

“It has to be presented in an acceptable perspective for it to understood” he’s attention is now drawn more closely to what was in front of him, away from what’s in his head.

“I’m sorry, do you know me?” he continued “no one starts talking to a stranger with ‘what are you thinking about?’” looking her straight in the eyes, obviously wanting an answer.

She smiled at him and said “well, you seem helpless and you look like the kind of person that’s open to talk with”

He knew he seem helpless. He walked from his house to the park and sat on the bench for nearly an hour now. In all these times he was enthusiastically seeking for answers in his head and now he felt anyone with a curious mind could have seen that.

“This is my first time of starting a conversation that way” she said seeing how confused he was trying to find words to answer. “You’re right, I might have seemed a bit helpless, but you must be a gregarious person and I think you’re bored; that’s why you’re out here talking to strangers.” She looked at him with a straight face, bending her head to one of her shoulders a little, as if to say ‘and you had to say that’

“I have been accused of speaking a bit too much of what’s on my mind” he said smiling, trying to cheer her up. “A bit too much?” she replied sarcastically. They both chuckled.

“I heard smart phones are a good company these days” he said
“Some kind of an anti-boredom device’ he added in amusement.

“You’re right, but it falls short of real life.”

“They say, stay away from the screens, go out sometimes” she continued “and what does real life offers? A mean guy who thinks he speaks his mind a bit too much” emphasizing on the last part while quoting it with her hands. He looked her straight in the eyes with a straight face, and frown just enough to show a benign displeasure. It was his turn now to give her the ‘and you had to say that’ look.

“At least this mean guy is in 3D” Pointing at himself. “plus you get to tweet about how mean I am. I’m sure you will get a lot of retweets” They both laughed.

It’s like her laugh made things clearer, she’s more beautiful than he initially thought. He began to cherish the moment even more.

“People don’t talk like you do” he said. She thought one of them would have blocked the other if such a weird conversation was online; but here in real life, she liking the way he talks. “Clearly you don’t meet people enough” she replied, trying to downplay the compliment. “No, I think you’re rare”. He fetches his phone, opens his twitter app, handed it to her and said “give me your twitter handle. I will like us to meet again but only if you don’t tweet mean stuffs about me.”

“Twitter handle because phone numbers are so old school right?” she said.

“Good thinking right?” he answered egoistically. “Right” she replied smiling with him “till then stranger”. She handed him the phone and began to stroll down her path. He realized he was so caught up in the moment that he forgot to ask, or tell her his name. He panicked at the thought of screwing up a golden opportunity with such a great girl. He looks at his phone, sees that she followed him back and he smiled, relieved considering that as some form of approval from her.

She walked away feeling a bit sad, she wasn’t sure he’ll reach out; her insecurities were dictating her thoughts. She turned and waved excitedly in agreement from a distance. He waved back even more excitedly. He had sent her a DM with an address of a place they should meet, with time and date. The wave meant she accepted the invitation. They’re both certain this is the beginning of something great and challenging. They’re sure, they’ll enjoy the experience and they can’t wait to start.


2 thoughts on “Real life’s gift

  1. “…because phone numbers are so old school right?” Wow! Guess it’s been a while I personally have been in touch with “real life” lol
    *thumbs up!

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