Are you Sisyphean minded? four ways to tell.

Is your mind capable of coming up with out of the box ideas? Ideas most people wouldn’t approve because they perceive them as Sisyphean tasks and unrealistic. A mind with perspectives people don’t see immediately until some thoughts is put into it. I call such a mind with unique conscious and unconscious activities, the Sisyphean mind. This is to embrace the negative connotation of the word and the disapproval of ideas describe by it, so it serves as strength to challenge such prejudice and encourage exploring individual perspectives.

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original” – Ken Robinson

Are you Sisyphean minded? Here are four ways to tell.

1. You avoid crowd mentality
Are you the type that’s always critical of what is acceptable to everybody?
People tend to “go” with the crowd to avoid both mental and physical stress. It’s easy to go along with the crowd because there’s a lot of approval and support from everyone. It’s also easy for your individuality to be lost in it. When you think of what you want and you “go” with the crowd only because deep down inside you agree with it; those little rebellious convictions are attributes of a Sisyphean mind.
2. Your ideas are not understood until you “show” it.
Friend: “I’m having troubles with ______ (a problem); I don’t know what to do”
You: “I think you should try doing ______ (an idea)”
Friend: “what are you talking about?”
You: “let me show you”
Friend: “wow, I never would have thought of that”
If this scene is the case with you and your friends, family or colleagues, your ideas always needing a little “showing” or explaining because they’re unorthodox; you’re in touch with your individuality.

3. You’re constantly trying to make things better.
It’s Ok for people to settle for something good but with you it can always get better. Life is a sport to you; you can’t get enough points. While you’re contented with being ahead or in a good position, it still excites you to push a little bit further. The curiosity of how further you could get compels you; your mind incessantly thinking of a great in a present good.

4. Superb improvisation.
Improvisation comes from the land of creativity. To be creative means to think up unique ideas and/or add a touch of your personality to already ubiquitous ideas. This comes from thoughts that are seen as ineffectual by many until it is shown to them. Those with superb improvisation have their minds ceaselessly seeking for better ways to perform tasks and asking “what if A doesn’t work, how best can I apply B” and so on. This might not be conscious of course; so when you’re stuck the mind quickly responds because it already has alternative solutions.

Do people ask how you come up with “crazy” ideas? Do friends ask you for advice when they’re stuck in a situation because they know you could think of an unusual solution? Are you constantly critical of your thoughts amongst cultures? Let positivity be the guiding force to those “unavailing” thoughts in your mind, they are not Sisyphean.

Are you Sisyphean minded? I look forward to your answers and thoughts in the comment section.

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