Understanding contentment.

Do you know that contentment is the main ingredient for happiness? Of course you do, it must have crossed your mind at some point; but this fact is not always conscious to us. This is why attaining the state of mind (contentment) eludes us.

Contentment is the key to stability and peace of mind in any chosen lifestyle but contentment is not and should not be stagnation for us. We fear falling below our present level so much that all we do is try just hard enough to maintain our stand. Contentment is not stagnation only if a better goal is targeted with an active and progressive plan working for you. Accept the fear of losing your present “comfortable” position as a motivation to strive for a better position rather than as a factor or some sort of a limitation that stunt any aspiration of ascending to a better position. People are not afraid of failing, most of the time we’re afraid of losing our current position if we try to better our stand. Our fear of going down should not be bigger than our aspirations of going higher.

Contentment is that state of gratitude and fulfillment that our hearts always seek and a privileged position to see ahead, plan ahead and evaluate every detail excessively before we proceed. Life’s a journey, contentment is not a place of rest. It is a pure state of mind of the traveler filled with gratitude for his/her position and the aspirations of going a little bit further.


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