Today is the scale.

Most times we use the present thinking about the future (the soon) or reminiscing about the past (the then). So which do you like more, the then or the soon? This question might never come to mind and even now that it’s being raised you might still wonder why such a question should matter. Look at it this way; think of the present (the now) as the scale to quantify your zest toward life. When your likeness for the then is more than that of the soon, the scale leans to the negative and when you like the soon more, the scale leans to the positive. As life and say, everything is enjoyed the most when enthusiasm is at its highest; I think such a question is a valid one. What then, if one is indifferent, you might ask. If that is the case then one is sitting on the fence and that as we know doesn’t help anybody. The statement “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem” fits into this case quite well.

The zest of life is the fuel for passion, it’s what breeds motivation and it’s what make us look forward to tomorrow with hope and excitement and make us not just what to make it through the day. When our eyes only lit up like fireworks when talking about the past, then I think you know where the scale is leaning toward and with it, the excitement of looking forward to tomorrow and the hope of anything better. This case leaves us with only one option since we can’t live the past again. The option of just trying to make it through the day with little or zero enthusiasm. This is also the option for being indifferent. The present soon becomes a premeditated act of murdering time in a desperate attempt to make tomorrow come quicker, then the next and the next day after that. This could be said to be the lifestyle of quite a large number of the people in our communities. The irony of such a life is wishing that tomorrow comes quicker with a heart filled with a great sense of incredulity of it being anything better than today. Brief thoughts of a miracle or something dramatic happening to change everything gives some comfort about tomorrow being better but even these thoughts are quickly discarded so you don’t get your hopes high because you feel there is little you can do to change your present state to set a course for a better future. This is you, liking the then (the past) thereby putting the present on the negative.

The present is the currency for buying a better tomorrow; you don’t want it on the negative side of any scale.

Another person may say, what if I like both the then and the soon equally? I’d say you feel that way only because the scale is on the positive. So even though you remember the past fondly, you still believe there’s a lot installed for the future which you’re excited and looking forward to. This could only mean your heart is a little bit more interested in the future than the past. The same goes for those that might say “am living in the moment”, one tend to think that way only if he/she feels today is good but tomorrow could be better. They’re also a little bit more into the soon than the then hence the positivity.

A lot is said (or at least you could see me trying to) about investing much of the present reminiscing about the good old days or dwelling in past setbacks because, when you’re interested in the soon more, everything you need to see that a better future come true is on the positive (and could be easily discussed later). The passion, the ambition, the will, the gut and the energy and… (You get the idea) is on the rise. Obstacles are easily overcome with such positivity around.

Life is sweeter with positivity. So what are you doing today? Are you trying to make your future more interesting or you know, just trying to get by and wishing for a miracle? Today is the scale.

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