ME: Myself and Incognito

Feeling the need for an identity has always been part of our thinking as humans. How we become our presume or said personality is a discussion for another time. Most will say society demand us to portray some kind of identity that is acceptable which in most times not who we truly are. friends and family may expect us to be what they feel we are suppose to be. For us to fit into society, we put out our true selves as far into the dark as possible. “No man is an island” they say, with such fear in mind ( that fear of being an outcast) we make sure our true selves remain hidden without letting even the thought of it into our minds.

It’s Ok to blend into one’s environment, hell, without societal expectations some of us wouldn’t recognize or wouldn’t attain our highest potentials. Competition has always been there and as survivalists creatures we perennially opt for the easy way out in things, and as ambitious animals, we all want to move up the ladder of our defined success and that includes playing the role that every rung comes with.

when our identity is found wanting, we quickly absorb an image to make up for it before others see us lacking. Such is the case in most times until our true identity is almost obliterated from the surface. It is easy to categorize people these days because of the prevailing societal mediocrity. People don’t bother to know people anymore just their types.

Why then is our inner selves valuable if all that a society what is a poser?. It’s simple; how we pose matters. Times have passed when we invent ideas, truth be told. what modern day man does is put his own uniqueness to existing ideas and that is only possible when in touch with our inner selves. One could say generally that having a touch of our personality in things is what separate us from the machines. Mediocrity is the order of the day because we are either afraid of our uniqueness or too far lost in our acceptable image, celebrity image, corporate image and all that. Only those who dare hold on to their inner selves rise above the crowd.

I rumble back and forth between my expected image and my individuality. This is how we live our everyday lives struggling between identities, not conflicting but a struggle to strike a balance between the two for some while some just want to suppress one for the other. Facing reality for most is choosing the easy and not the best way in life’s quest, so it’s easy for most to adopt an image to fit in than risk expressing their individuality. The essence of “incognito” is to protect your true identity and present an alternatively needed image for a society but what if more than anything, what the society need is our true individuality mixed together with that acceptable image?. This is what great men across all fields figured out.

Written by ibtouchdown
For Sisypheanminds

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